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Mature couple signing contract in lawyer's office

Mature couple signing contract in lawyer’s office

The law and its application is too broad a subject for a general “jack of all trades” sole practitioner solicitor to be able to cover. The concept of jurisprudence is an evolving, emergent body, that does not remain stagnant, both in its development in legislation and its application via judicial precedent. Therefore, it may be advisable to be hesitate before enlisting a “one size fits all solution” for the veritable plethora of legal complexities and quandaries that may entangle your everyday life.

Specialized or not?

If you are summonsed to appear before a court, it may be advisable to check the charge and basis of the summons prior to returning to the same solicitor you may have used before. For example, many people chose a solicitor for the first time to undertake the necessary conveyancing work when buying a house. As important as conveyancing is, it is a far cry from criminal prosecution or a civil lawsuit which are distinct areas of law with their own areas of expertise. You may be advised to seek a solicitor who specializes in the law of Tort (civil damages) if you are being charged with negligence, while a different practitioner may hold a considerable degree of experience in the area of criminal law. A large, established practice with multiple partners will have a deep pool of expertise, both practical and knowledge based to point a client in the direction of a team member who can specialize in a particular area of the law.

Behind the scenes

If you go to your regular family solicitor with a specialized legal problem, it is quite likely that he or she will refer your case to a specialized solicitor with expertise and a niche focus in that area, so they will end up billing you for their time as well as outsourcing the expertise of the specialist unknown to you, and take the credit for another’s expertise. You can save by cutting out the “middleman” of the general purpose solicitor, and directly source the specialist solicitor yourself, a key word defined entry into a search engine will easily ascertain a specialist solicitor in your area.


Sensitive Legal areas

Asides from criminal and civil law cases, family and probate (i.e estate and inheritance) laws are a particular sensitive and specialized area of law. Considering the sensitivity involved in both areas (especially in family break ups and death and inheritance issues), it is most wise in these cases to seek a specialized solicitor who can move ahead and represent your interests with confidence and competence in these delicate areas. The difference in family law, in particular when compared with other areas of law makes the case for hiring a specialist even more compelling.

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