Is SEO Is Related To the Speed of the Website Operation?

The speed of the site, in addition to being one of 200 ranking factors categorized by search engines, is critical for sales to grow. Good design and striking images are important, but not very useful if the user leaves the page due to loading delay. Today’s public receives an overdose of daily information and is having its time more and more scarce. Because of this, hardly a person would wait more than 10 seconds for a page to open. This immediacy is partly due to the very dynamics of the internet.

In order not to lose competitiveness, conversions or impair your brand recognition, you need to better understand the subject, monitor the performance of the page periodically and take the necessary steps to reverse the problem. Check out a little more about it and learn how Link Helpers Scottsdale SEO Companycan help you to ensure more dynamic and satisfying results.

Why Does A Website Need To Be Fast?

The time considered by search engines as ideal for loading a page is up to 2.5 seconds. In the market, the general practice is to accept up to three times the opening time. With more than 8 seconds, you will hardly gain public attention. More time-consuming sites have lower retention rates, they lose the number of page views over time, and they hurt their search rankings as a result of SEO penalties. With each position lost in the search engine, more sales will not materialize.

A survey conducted in 2018 reports that with each additional second that the audience expects to open a site, the site owner loses on average 7% of conversions and decreases about 11% their viewership rate. According to the same survey, the company may decline about 16% its consumer satisfaction index. Brand reputation is also affected, with the risk of a single customer disclosing inefficiency to others.

What Makes It Difficult To Load the Page?

There are several elements that impact the navigation efficiency of a website. However, some adjustments in the structure will be sufficient to resolve the issue. In some cases, depending on the size of the company or the prior knowledge of the entrepreneur, it may be interesting to seek specialized help to analyze and survey the improvements to be made.

There are also several free tools on the internet (go for the most popular ones) for you to track website performance often. Learn what items weigh more slowly and how to solve some of the problems. In summary, if you want to have an audience engaged by your product or service, increase your average conversions and stay competitive with competitors, every 1 / 2th of a second counts.

Solve Your Problems with the Best SEO Consultants

It is important to note that true professionals take the help of SEO consultants and, in our case they have an agency already consolidated in the market, which has all structure to meet the project of your company. Although it is highly recommended that the resolution of the problems encountered be carried out by the consultant who identified them, it is optional to continue the SEO consulting process, so the work can be terminated when problems are identified or the second phase can be resolved.

Second Phase: Solving Problems

This stage of the project is extremely practical and assertive, since it is here that I establish an execution schedule so that the client can follow step-by-step the progress of the intervention. The changes found by the application of the check list will be corrected, literally putting the house in order.


After the necessary improvements and restructurings have been made, I move on to the implementation phase of specific SEO strategies for both branding and branding. The insertion of relevant content through texts, guest posts, comments, interviews, positive reviews among others generate information of public utility and, consequently, natural visits of potential clients to your company. Other features are also commonly used such as back links and notoriety in social networks.

The Results

It is time to measure results. From the beginning of the process of SEO Consulting we started the monitoring of your website and thus it becomes possible to evidence the evolution of the same in front of the objectives outlined. Here we evaluate the effectiveness of the work of Site Optimization used, defining the next steps to be followed. And even if the initial objectives have already been achieved, it is worth remembering that for the maintenance of these it is necessary the professional accompaniment. When I close an SEO project with companies, I usually guarantee my rankings work by linking the first payment of the service to the appearance of the client’s site on the first page of the most popularly used search engine through the contracted keyword.

What is the value of an SEO Consulting?

The budget for a consulting project is quite variable, as it depends on the complexity and size of the work to be done. As the analysis by LinkHelpers Scottsdale SEO Company is judicious and comprehensive, cost-benefit is something that is demonstrably compensatory. By applying check-list, do market analysis and competition, propose changes and often execute them we perform more than an integrated SEO service, we revitalize your company. Contact me and we’ll talk more about my experiences as an SEO consultant and how I can help you get the best your company can provide you on the internet.


Due to the strong changes in consumer behavior, because of the use of the internet to purchase and search for products and services, SEO consulting has become a key part of the success of companies and professionals on the internet.

Get the most results with SEO

Search Engine it is a browser which helps the internet users to find the required information they want in the worldwide web. Search Engine Optimisation is a software programme which focuses on the visibility of our   context in the costumer search results. When we think of SEO our mind thinks of key words.SEO is not a straight path. The reason is there is no clarity on how google ranks. Apart from the key words there are other factors quality of the content ,domains linkage to the page ,Technical aspects of the SEO should be correct-for the technical aspects SEO specialists like LinkHelpers Phoenix SEO should be consulted, Responsive to mobile servers. In the competitive world, there is necessary for us to stand high than our competitors or else we will be out dated and thrown out from the arena.

SEO is result oriented

Employing SEO in our website is very much needed. SEO helps in improving the search engine friendliness of our site. It improves the ranking of the website, it helps in leveraging the well developed content to build the link, which result in ranking improvements. It also addresses the potential issues which can occur during development, changes etc. The foundations of the SEO are same since its inception, but the application of it has changed over a period of time.

Advantages of SEO

There are many exceptional advantages of SEO such as it will increase the traffic to our website, thus by increasing the conversion ratio. It will make the best impression on the minds of the potential customers as the website is found in the first page. It is cost effective. The return on the investment is also very high than the other means of increasing profitability. It increases the visibility of our website to the customers. It improves the usage of the site. It creates brand image and the awareness. It builds credibility in the competitive world. It takes our business to the next level which helps us to sustain in the market for the long time.SEO consultants such as LinkHelpers Phoenix SEO act as secret weapon in the hands by which we can win the war from the hands of our customers. SEO can be considered as a long term strategy.

SEO as a strategy of the business

The reasons are quite convincible why to use SEO as a strategy of the business. It helps in reaching the goals of the businesses like profitability, sustainability, success. SEO provides an ultimate solution to the business as well as the customers by letting you are there when you are needed by them. SEO is not an easy task or immediate, but the results of it are effective.

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